Devin Torain

Devin Torain is an Instructional Coach for the New Teacher Support Program, who supports beginning teachers by improving their instructional technique and overall effectiveness in the classroom. Devin Torain believes in the power of working collaboratively with teachers and educators to improve teaching practices, enhance student learning outcomes, and support professional development.

Devin Torain fosters teacher empowerment, allowing teachers to enhance their instructional practices and cultivate a positive learning environment. She accomplishes this by offering personalized support, organizing impactful professional development sessions, and providing feedback that propels their teaching practice forward. Currently, she is working toward improving student achievement and success for students in Franklin County by supporting beginning teachers.  

Devin Torain holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of West Alabama. She has a certification in K-6 Mathematics from North Carolina State University. 

When she is not supporting beginning teachers, Devin Torain enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.