Equity Statements

NC NTSP’s Commitment to Equity

As we support teacher and student growth across the state, we understand the important role of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the learning experience.  We are committed to framing our coaching actions through the following equity mindsets.

Planning with Equity in Mind

Teachers who plan with equity in mind recognize and appreciate the varied identities that they and their students bring to the classroom. They purposefully plan learning opportunities that build upon cultural assets to ensure student success.

Instructing with Equity in Mind

Teachers who instruct with equity in mind intentionally create an inclusive learning environment that draws from students' cultural and community assets.  They honor the knowledge that students bring to the table, foster an environment that celebrates mutual respect and inclusion, and facilitate rigorous and authentic opportunities for contribution and conversation.

Assessing with Equity in Mind

Teachers who assess with equity in mind view performance outcomes as individual journeys towards mastery.  These teachers understand and communicate the power of “not yet” when providing feedback.  They consider various modes of determining if ALL students get “it” and offer multiple opportunities to do so while showcasing learner assets.