Ashley Norris


B-K Internship Coordinator
NC NTSP Special Projects

Ashley Norris is faculty and Internship Coordinator for the Birth-Kindergarten Program at ECU and has worked extensively with educator preparation for various projects, including faculty engagement and curriculum support with the edTPA. She has co-chaired the Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction committee that has supported the ECU Community School in planning and development. She currently serves on the interdisciplinary collaborative research initiative with faculty across the university to study the use of edTPA constructs in the ECU Community School’s teaching framework. Ms. Norris has served beginning teachers as an instructional mentor with the Early Educator Support, Licensing, and Professional Development Program serving licensed teachers in private NCPK classrooms in the eastern region of North Carolina. As part of the central office team, Ms. Norris will collaborate with administration on special projects, with research and the SCALE partnership. She will work with Dr. Hodge and other central office staff on continuing to support and advance the innovative work of the NC New Teacher Support Program.