We improve teacher effectiveness.

We offer consistent, individualized coaching aligned to personal growth and professional development.

The NC NTSP is a leader in university-based induction support through the belief in and practice of transformative, intentional coaching to increase student achievement by improving beginning teacher effectiveness and retention.

2021-2022 e-Institute for Beginning Teachers

EXCITING live pedagogy and content sessions, panel discussions and INSPIRING guest speakers!

Teacher Impact

An independent assessment of the NC New Teacher Support Program finds that the program has demonstrated strong impact on teachers served.

Our Approach

The NC NTSP is a comprehensive, university-based induction program offering a research-based curriculum and multiple services designed to increase teacher effectiveness, enhance skills, and reduce attrition among beginning teachers. The NC NTSP provides each teacher: (1) intensive Institute; (2) intensive, individualized classroom coaching; & (3) aligned professional development sessions. The goal of the North Carolina New Teacher Support Program (NC NTSP) is to improve student achievement by improving beginning teacher effectiveness and teacher retention.


Upcoming Events & Training

NC NTSP Podcast are now available! Are you looking for a podcast about teaching that is short, engaging, and research-based, delivered by a variety of experienced professionals who still do the work daily? Look no further than the NTSP Podcast. A team of our instructional coaches, along with guests, address topics relevant to our practice right now. From classroom management to student groupings, relationships to grit, our coaches take research and apply it to real-world classroom needs.

Latest News & Tips

Getting Started with Culturally Responsive Teaching

By Jacqueline Aponte | November 30, 2021

How do your students see themselves as learners in your classroom? In what ways are they able to connect their knowledge and background experiences to what they are learning? How are their ways of knowing and learning honored in their learning spaces? These questions are important in a classroom that embraces culturally relevant, or culturally…

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Parent-Teacher Conferences are quickly approaching, and it’s time to prepare for these meaningful opportunities to connect with your students’ families.

By Jami Graham | October 5, 2021

To be a successful teacher, it is important to engage and build trust with your students and their families. Did you know that research shows that strong family involvement increases student achievement? By having more contact with families, teachers can learn more about students’ needs and home environments.  Having this information enhances the ability to…

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By Kathy Fields | September 20, 2021

Teachers across the state spent the days leading up to the school year attending Professional Development sessions presented by NC NTSP  coaches. Coaches will continue to provide these opportunities for learning throughout the year, sharing information focused on the areas of planning, instruction and assessment, while allowing time for teachers to collaborate with others. It…

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