NC NTSP Institute is designed to target the knowledge and skills most needed by beginning teachers. The program serves traditional educator preparation program teachers, lateral entry and residency model teachers. Two institutes are provided regionally and primarily focus on:
• Knowing students and identifying strengths
• Providing feedback to promote learning
• Identifying evidences of learning
• Planning for understanding


While attending the 2020 e-Institute, teachers self-select professional development sessions designed and facilitated y NC NTSP Instructional Coaches. Each session, categorized by strand, is aligned with the best practices of planning, instruction, and assessment. Teachers engage in activities that provide techniques and strategies that they can use to get to know their students, plan for instruction, provide relevant feedback, facilitate and assess student learning, use data to inform their practice, how to become a teacher leader, and strategies to support remote teaching and learning. The 2020 e-Institute agenda and samplings of the strand-based professional development are available for viewing below.

“Throughout the 2-day Institute, I attended several sessions designed to meet my needs in planning, instruction, and assessment. I had the opportunity to network with other teachers who teach the same content which allowed me to walk away with new ideas and strategies that I used in my classroom the very next day.” - Teacher