Karen Walker

Karen Walker is an Instructional Coach for the New Teacher Support Program (NC NTSP) who supports student empowerment, growth and learning by providing personalized guidance, feedback, and resources to improve instructional practices. Karen believes in the power of student agency, choice, putting students at the center, and fostering a growth mindset to enhance learning and build student confidence to move them forward in our ever changing world.

Karen serves educators in the Northwest Region of North Carolina by supporting beginning teachers, administrators and Central Service members. She provides personalized support, ongoing professional development, and valuable feedback to empower our beginning teachers on their journey to empower students. Currently, she is working toward supporting more teachers in her region to attain National Board Certification, she serves on the NBCT Board at App State. “All students deserve an exemplary teacher and NBCT fits that bill”.   

Karen is a National Board Certified Teacher and served as District Teacher of the Year, Board Member of NCCTM, and Trainer for NC School Health Training Center. Karen holds a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education Mathematics, ELA as well as AIG, Health Education K-12 and Driver’s Education from App State.  She holds a Master of Arts inMiddle Grades Education from Appalachian State University. 

When she is not coaching, Karen enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, reading, and outdoor activities. She appreciates the many blessings given and loves life and making memories in the mountains.