Lisa Becker

Lisa Becker  is an Instructional Coach for the New Teacher Support Program (NC NTSP) who supports student learning and teacher practice by expanding and refining the understanding about researched-based effective instruction. Lisa  knows that providing personalized, 1:1 support based on the goals and identified needs of individual teachers benefits both the teacher and their students. 

Lisa creates positive relationships with teachers and administrators. She  provides individualized, classroom-based coaching with PreK-12th Grade teachers to support them in implementing good instructional practices.  Currently she is working toward providing organized, individual and group learning opportunities for teachers based on district initiatives.

Lisa has been trained in Mentorship, DeFour’s Professional Learning Communities, and Cognitive Coaching. Lisa holds a Bachelors of Science  in Elementary Education from East Carolina University.

When she is not coaching Beginning Teachers in Eastern NC, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband, Alan, sons Tripp and John and her dog Beau.  They all love spending time together, especially at the beach.