Enrollment and Construct Data

Teachers are selected by partners to enroll in the NC NTSP. Enrollment affords participants access to three core services of Institute, Professional Development and Instructional Coaching. Enrolled teachers’ experience and pathway to teaching vary widely. Equally varied are the types of support coaches provide teachers over the course of the year as these decisions are made with evidence, school level initiatives and professional goals in mind. Results of enrollment and support data are able to be filtered by district, region, school grade level and pathway to licensure and years of experience.

When using these data tools, please keep in mind:

1. Context Matters.
While assessing regional patterns and trends, users should consider community context, local and regional labor market conditions, availability of resources and selection criteria for teachers selected to receive support through North Carolina New Teacher Support Program.

2. The data are incomplete.
These dashboards leverage the best available data which are in a contact state of development. Thus, results should be interpreted with great caution.

3. The data tool displays outcomes as opposed to diagnosing causes.
These tools and the data that inform them are presented to inform institutional and statewide improvement efforts, not to rank or compare institutional partners or the communities they support.


NC NTSP is a program of the University of North Carolina System and administratively coordinated by East Carolina University. NC NTSP services are administered through the state's public universities in collaboration with public schools and school districts. Teachers are supported by experienced Instructional Coaches who understand their local community, the needs of beginning teachers, and quality instructional practice. Ongoing program evaluation is in partnership with the Friday Institute.