Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams is an instructional coach who supports teachers by focusing on each individual’s unique situation and perspective. Wayne believes that rigid structures interfere with the human individuality that lies at the heart of the relational practice that is teaching.  

Wayne has partnered with teachers across grades and subject areas, helping teachers develop instructional activities and develop perspective on their efforts. Currently he is analyzing data for his dissertation, and thinking about what the next project will be after that is completed. 

Wayne is licensed in North Carolina to teach mathematics in grades 6-8 and 9-12, AIG K-12, Curriculum and Instruction, and holds a Principal’s and Superintendent’s license. Wayne holds a bachelor of arts in mathematics from SUNY Geneseo, along with an MSA and an EdS from ECU.

When he is not coaching, Wayne enjoys cooking, baking, reading, singing, and small woodworking projects.