Beginning Teacher Interstate Connections

“Teaching in the pandemic is like walking in a park, Jurassic Park.”- anonymous

The above quote, although a little fantastical, may be the correct analogy to the year it’s been in education. By now, we are tired of remembering that a year ago a pandemic shut down our school systems. It severed our ability to connect with our students and colleagues in the traditional sense and turned us into virtual explorers for any strategy we could find. Now, we seem to be moving back to a sense of normalcy, but it will take time and new ideas for a modified version. As we move forward, maintaining connections with those who have gone through this experience will be a necessary part of our mental health and our future success.

Our goal is to provide beginning teachers in NC with relevant information, strategies, and success stories in the primary areas of planning, instruction, and assessment to show that the teachers of NC can overcome any obstacle they face in the virtual or physical classroom.

In the coming months, our hopes are to contribute to a more positive teaching experience by providing inspirational examples of successful teaching throughout the state.  We will spend time highlighting lessons learned over this past year and ending one of the most trying years in education on a high note. We invite you to read, reflect, and get excited about this wonderful career as an educator, once again. You will be inspired and may see colleagues or your district highlighted.

Contributors: Bradley Sasser – ECU & Sandy Corbett – ECU

NC NTSP Blog Team: Bradley Sasser – ECU, Sandy Corbett – ECU, Jackie Aponte – UNC, Lori Best – UNCW/WCU/FSU, Kathy Fields – UNC, Adreian Pitts – UNCG/APP State, Jami Graham – UNCP, Maghan Kirschner – UNCC

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