Instructional Coaching

The NC NTSP provides support services for beginning teachers during their first three years of teaching, including traditionally prepared educators and residency educators.

Each participating Beginning Teacher is supported by a highly skilled instructional coach. The NC NTSP instructional coaches utilize a comprehensive Coaching Framework to support teachers in the critical dimensions of planning, instruction, and assessment. Coaches gather and interpret data, provide and model high leverage and research-based best practices to improve teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement.

We value our teachers and provide individualized, strategic, and blended induction support through the use of a combination of asynchronous, synchronous and in-person coaching approaches. Our blended coaching approach is customized based on teacher, school and district needs. Coaching activities may include those bulleted below.

  • Lesson and strategy demonstrations
  • Co-teaching and modeling
  • Observations with real-time feedback
  • Asychronous and synchronous reflection and feedback
  • Planning, instruction, and assessment support
  • In-the-moment coaching
  • Data (collection, analysis, and utilization)
  • Weekly individualized face-to-face coaching visits
  • Ongoing virtual coaching support
  • Video reflection using Sibme
  • Resource sharing
  • Individualized professional development (PD) aligned with teacher needs and school/district goals
  • Professional Learning Networks to support content development

“Words can’t express the appreciation our school has for the NC NTSP. Our teachers have received high quality support & guidance through the service & leadership of our Coach. We value the contributions of the program as they ensure the success of new teachers to the profession. As a principal, having a non-evaluative third party assist beginning teachers across a broad scope -curriculum, instruction, classroom management – truly helps nurture & build teacher capacity.”—Principal, ECU Region