May Spotlight: Recipe for Reflection

2 parts teaching                                                                                    

3 parts layers of support

1 part students

1 part instruction

1 part data

A dash of creativity, hard work, and determination

Blend together. Marinate for 180 days. 


Like a recipe, school years can be complicated, challenging, and a little different each time you put the ingredients together. At Zeb-Vance Elementary in Vance County the first grade teaching team, Ms. Lewis and Ms. Shelton, are in the final stages of their recipe. As a 3rd year Beginning Teacher, Ms. Shelton has added layers of classroom experience to her recipe. While,Ms. Lewis, a 1st year Beginning Teacher, has come in with skills and experience that directly support her fresh take. Working alongside each other, they have supported and collaborated together throughout the school year to develop the best version of this year’s recipe.  From trying new instructional strategies, monitoring student growth, to working collaboratively with each other, their school support, and NC New Teacher Support Coach they’ve sifted, stirred, blended, and layer together the components for an impactful school year. 

“This year I have loved expanding the minds of young scholars! I have learned that building a relationship with students is a huge key to student success. When students see that you care, they are more engaged in learning!” Ayana Lewis, First Grade Teacher at Zeb Vance Elementary.  

“This year my biggest thing has been growing with them throughout the year. With the support, I could put things in place and know how to do the next step. It’s been just the right of support to really help me.” MIda Shelton, First Grade Teacher, Zeb Vance Elementary 

“Ms. Shelton’s ability to embrace and implement, especially new ideas and information, is awesome! She always does her level best. Mrs. Lewis is an out of the box thinker and bring excitement to the classroom. She’s a long term, big picture thinker about her students’ futures. Both of these women were born to be in the classroom!” Ms. Jasmine Cage, Mulit-Classroom Leader: K-2, Zeb Vance Elementary 

Your recipe will have some of the same ingredients and yet some may be a bit different. Your year’s recipes have soaked in all the love and flavor you’ve added and are ready to be appreciated and celebrated. We hope that when you step back and take a look at your wonderful creation you appreciate each ingredient and step in the process. 

Contributors: Kathleen Harrell, UNC-CH

NC NTSP Blog Team: Bradley Sasser-ECU, Jackie Aponte-UNC, Lori Best-UNCW, Kathy Fields-UNC, Jami Graham-UNCP, Maghan Kirschner-Charlotte, Todd Stephan-WCU

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